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King Toosi - Good Enough For the Into lyrics

If you're dealing war, backwards stay far
We're dealing with truths and rights
Come some more into my sight

[Verse 1]
I found fortune
This is revenue
Corridors all ahead of you
The pooper scoop these n***as
You sh**tin me, call it residue
Sleeping if you don't take that chance
You might be narcoleptic
NYP made me NPD like I'm narcissistic
They get in my ligaments
Clothes is smellin like cigarettes
f**in with childish b**hes
I feel like smackin some children
I think I cracked the code
Wear a scarf up in my casket
A jacket without the letter
A man in form of a dragon
I spit Tallaha**ee
City gladly repping my name
Coulda been my dad
The way I'm ahead of the game
My chain
Got Jesus on it
My peer
Told me I'm sinning
I told em we all gone die
Just pray that I am forgiven
Fifty shades of blues
I got fifty shades of harmonies
To clear up all the blues
As if white out
Was in the arm of reach
Boxed with a kangaroo
Devil on my left shoulder
Like boy
"You best knock him out
In seconds or it's all over"
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Still I rise
I am who I am
If this
Rap sh** don't make it
I'm trapping out of a caravan
With b**hes with nice bodies
Behind us is Maseratis
Told Papa I never smoked
But my closet is full of visine
If I don't make it
f** my mans
Cause him and my ex too adjacent
Every time I look up
Him and that b**h in each other's faces
My home is vacant
Closet full of some aces
Got rid of all of my J's
People say I'm bad with replacements
But who are they
I'm the kid that's gone reap the reaper
Don't seek for seekers
I probably might take a sip for drinkers
Puff a puff for Diddy
Just hoping he'll put me in a Beamer
n***a, don't you know
I'm the reason my city still got dreamers
So it ain't no need for your feedless mind
Have her looking like Igor
When I fill her spine
With back shots
Ass shots
Ain't even make her fine
Her personality was trash
So I can't make her mine
Don't you get it
Don't get it twisted
I sin
But I am forgiven
I'm similar to a student athlete
But I ain't committed
So that bullsh** that you feeding me
I do this easily
Tell your girlfriend stop playing
And we can quit all the teasing, B

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