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King-ISO - Pray For What lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sometimes I be feeling like Pray for what? May go nuts
I'm riding through the city and if they ain't gon' bust
I bet you everybody wanna hate on us
But I'm too busy trying to get my bankroll up
I pull up in the whip and get to hopping out the sh** which I was looking like a motherf**ing tank rolled up
My brains on d**
And then I get to thinking to myself it's really funny how we bang on us
Got two devils on my shoulder will an angel come?
I really wonder will a n***a's faith go up?
I'm picking up a buck and hoping change gon' come
But then I get to ripping up a pay so what?
Put the belt around my wrist and then my veins swole up
I don't wanna live another day no love
I try to find religion but my brain won't budge
And everybody talking about the same ol' stuff but I got them rainbow colors in my same ol' cup
I'ma drink till I can't or a faith grow up
I lay for the day and I ain't woke up
And I'm laying there dead, is my case closed shut?
Who they f**ing tell me that I can't blow up?
Turn my back upon this city full of face so f**
Anybody wolfing sh** about the Brain or what
Cause I make a living off of what I say hold up
Everybody know a n***a, name yo slut
I don't really gotta try to make no buzz
I be trying to keep it cool but you fake ol' thugs
Never bring it to my face and then you ain't gon' bust
And meanwhile I'm looking at the game so done
And everybody trying to get pay no love
So I'm walking with my head down and stereo on up
Hands down homeboy, sometimes I be feeling like

Pray for what?
F-feeling like pray for what?
Sometimes I be feeling like pray for what?
F-feeling like pray for what?
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[Maybe sometimes they give it to me?] feeling like faith in up above where would I take this? x4
Sometimes I be feeling like
[Verse 2]
Running through the city puffin dro so sticky
I could give a sh** about the hoes so bitty
Got the pocket monster but it don't hold fifty
Hoping that the f**ing po-po don't get me
If I take another sip then I be oh so silly
Every single movement moving slow-mo really
Bad chick is like Medusa cause she's stone cold really
And when you see me with her you're like, "Oh no, really?"
Who am I kidding? I'm done f**ing you slum buckets
All I'm thinking about is putting food in my son's stomach
And ever since I was young everyone plummets
So every time I see lust coming I run from it
Done dumbing myself down to get enough f** it
Or a n***a might get the gun tucking to cut something
So I'ma continue bluff humping and f** loving or explode like a spontaneous combustion
f** hoes I got a mouth to feed
That's right I did I have a mouth to feed
I ain't never had a motherf**ing house I leased
I'm talking crazy to this b**h like I'm about to leave
Never know when you're about to eat
n***as downtown, n***a vouch for me
I'm puffin on a blunt, broke as f**, if I get bumped up I'm cool I ain't got an ounce to chief
I'm all that
Anybody hate ya can fall back
Cause I don't give a f** if y'all mad
Never said I'm all that
But that's they way we treat what y'all rap
And we don't pay attention y'all bad get to f** the ballsack
Cause I'ma f** around and then I may go dumb
But sitting in jail ain't no fun
So just make mo funds
Your sh** is getting so played out homeboy, sometimes I be feeling like


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