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Kieran Walsh - Trade Money lyrics

(Jamaican man talking & Babu mixing)
"Everybody got dreams of makin cash money"

Trade money
Different color and shape money (money)
Money that looks funny but never no fake money
Make money, money, but please don't waste money
We don't love money but we don't hate money

Yo, if you live day to day then you proabably live life
More than a cat who got a Benz, bank roll and a wife
Cause yo, I seen a lot of folks whose so-called success equals depress
And look up to broke peeps who hold mics now
Play the role, reverse and understand
Your friend with no dough might be closer to earth
Take the pressure off the weight and see how it equates
If you hold yourself back to make papes, get it straight

You can use cash for tools, to get parks and pools
Community centers, rec rooms and schools
Book money, off the books and food money
Rent money, electronic money and crew money
First thing, flippin over dollars, searching
For the eye in the chief corner stone in thirteen
Stay beyond hungry and thirsty, ("dilated")
We're damn near starvin and we're dehydrated

(Chorus) 2x

No credit, everybody has to pay
Dope music, spittin everything from hash to yay
Watch the traffic or you're gonna bring crash this way
Then have 'em swingin at my door like Ca**ius Clay (no matter)
The game don't exist without roles and rules
But comma manifest as the golden rule
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Rolled on wheels in the eighties, they would jack them fools
Flashin trucks and j**els, but not tuckin they truck j**els

Yo, since last year I've accumulated more money
More big breaks, been dressy a little less bummy
But more headaches and more pain in my stomach
On top of that I got a lot of people actin funny
But dummies get exposed when your weapon's are chose
Power to spit out your mouth cold could leave a man fold
Yo, been to certain places where the term "green" don't mean sh**
Cause money's blue and that's what it takes to pay rent

(Chorus) 2x

(Jamaican man talking & Babu mixing)
"Everybody got dreams of making cash money"
"Everybody got dreams of making cash money"

Yo, trained to be patient but still wait eagerly
Approach easily, backed by walkin Evil Dee
Sell medicine legally with my partners to our clients
(Share the wealth with Babu and Iriscience)

Navy B, Henny B, Beat Junkies sound
Expansion team, independent dollars, word a mouth
There's cats with twenty/twenty that'll never see money
To get the cash crop you have to plant seed money
Twelve inches spark, now accountants crunch digits
The same cat that battled them fools for lunch tickets
Everyday the rates change and currency's strange
Cambio, international money exchange

(Chorus) 4x

Trade money, trade money, trade money
Trade money, trade money, trade money
Money exchange

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