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Kieran Walsh - Men Vs Many lyrics

[Verse One: O.C.]
Yo Masta I.C., let's conversate a minute
Before we bark on MC's from New York to Venice

[Mic Geronimo]
I said n***as talk sh**, it's time to blow the whistle
I move just like a missile, leave 'em burnt like bristle

But the issue ain't a pistol it's time we come plush
We official

[Royal Flush]
Slicing like knives into guts

[Mic Geronimo]
I said, and even if it is we get biz
You kids better know the ultimatum is d**h for cash flow

We are king of percussion
Mic and Flush plus me
O.C. will make a mens out a faggot MC

[Mic Geronimo]
We keep a profile lower than the granite's of Earth
Play for stakes higher than a n***a's physical's worth

We need this money god
We penetrate through the out states
Ayo time's short, f** that Flush let's motivate
We need this money god
We penetrate through the out states
Time's short, f** that O let's motivate
We need this money god
We penetrate through the out states
Time's short, f** that Mic let's motivate

[Verse Two: Mic Geronimo]
[?] lack and can't flip it fat
I move a G and while they sleeping on they f**ing back
We annually get the wreck off
From mic bullies, you come fully
I stand where you standing at and wonder where you [?]

[Royal Flush]
I'm increasing the pain and make the rough rap
Stuck in your thinking caps, your mind relax
(Cause a player plays ya like that)
Let's get deeper as situations, 25 is what I'm facing
With more bodies than Jason, a mason peace to the nation

This be a clear understanding to paint a collage
Y'all richer than the diamonds rocked by Jha Jha Gabor
Limelight rappers have a choice in my dominion
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Power get blown to oblivion

[Mic Geronimo]
Now it's the call of all call
The first man fallen I
F he doesn't take this rhyme sh** as serious as balling
No time for stalling
I've overhauling till the morning
Count thoughts and fluidly drop like water

[Royal Flush]
Let's set this real life of living
Word up god, I'm tired of what I see
Motherf**ers wanna vibe like we

Amphibious trace my trail and I'm nailing
Inside your skull and can't stop the swelling
Of an instinctive, writer, reciter or poet
If you need rags to be stitched we gon' sew it


[Verse Three: C-Lo]
I'm keeping y'all in a state of suspense
For the time that I spent cause I never pay rent
I'm a real go getter
A point setter
My only occupation in this world is scooping cheddar
I freelance and take a chance and go gold
With my man Mike G cause he gotta unfold
I got my man O.C. and my man Royal Flush
Cause n***as be sleeping and they never get enough

[Mic Geronimo]
Now who's that man?
Claiming he wanna try
These lyrical sharper than a sword from samurai
Verbally captivate the crowd this year
Areas I leave blown to bits f**ing with this
It's all about living, expanding
Getting your plan to surface all for just a gram
Until you cover this land
I want it all, picturing the possibilities is infinite
Chill and spend it while I'm making money off a tenement

Yeah, men verse many
Demising a scheme for
This here team is what motherf**ers dream for
Brought off the light when I write I shine I
Get a little deeper but my thoughts like cyanide
The phenomenon winner, I'll end a career quick
With intellect or from my wordplay slick


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