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Kieran Walsh - Bentley's & b**hes lyrics

[Jayo Felony]
Get chipped up, fresh out the gate - yea we strive for that
Homie wanted it bad enough so he died for that
I'mma follow my dreams like never before, knah'mean
They givin out time like trick-or-treat candy
And every day is Halloween
And that one time, ay Lo why the call it 'one time'
Cuz it only takes one time to get yo' a** behind
Them iron bars, I used to steal cars
Never wheel cars all around that D
Gleam gleamin on the scantlous hoes - beware of the cuthroats
Mad cuz kids be pointin to my mami that's bullet loc'ed
God told me "Go study the ants", I'mma work like 'em
Never pa** emcees, give them dust like dirtbike 'em
And in the process of that, I progress with that
I know to get out here and get my scratch
Break the door down for my loved ones, you know who you are
And I'mma leave the bank open like ahhhhhh!

[Ras Ka**]
When I die bury me butt-naked and face down in the gra**
So I can f** the world while y'all kiss my a**
Like that faggot - crawlin out this b**h like a 6 foot maggot
For the lust of livin lavish
I rhyme in a cocoon so nobody can find me
And that rapper who dick you ridin, ten years behind me
Motivation switched from freestyle to buy me
n***a gotta twist this paper like oragami

[Hook - Jayo Felony]
I'm in the business of Bentley's and b**hes, and my chips
And I'm keepin four eyes on them schemers, when I dip
In the business of Bentley's and b**hes, and my chips
And I'm keepin four eyes on them schemers, when I dip

[Jayo Felony]
In this cold-hearted world, nobody give a damn about you
When your on a mission to come up, they wanna knock it out ya
But as soon as you break the ice you gone see how they fake it
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"That's my dawg right there, damn, I knew he was gone make it"
Ha yea right, I done heard it all, your full of yourself
When I needed your full support, where the hell was the help?
You was nowhere in sight, but I flooded the airways
You thinkin about plottin, huh, I'm thinkin about diggin ya grave
You wanna hurt me huh, wanna do it real bad huh?
Cuz I kick it with Cash Money, that's makin you mad huh?
But I worked to hard for this, you know the game gets stressful
But I know my biggest revenge is to keep being successful
You instigated, ya hater, who would have let you in?
Fool, just give me forty feet cuz you know what I'm doin


[Ras Ka**]
I spit from the genitals b**h, leave mascaline stinch
Got n***as panickin petrol, make a manakin flinch
Grew up botanical inch - the root of all evil
Green thump for greenbacks, rented a tech
But we can't all eat though (Why?)
Cuz y'all fecal, we brawl lethal
Homicide dick absorber, Fairfax and Pico
Suga, nobody's ever equal
Cuz the more we make, the more we're takin from other people
Pimpin for the repo - pent up in LAX to JFK
Abide this claim with three ho, like Santa say (ho ho ho)
My third eye be the equivalent of the algebraic pi
So if I give you a piece of my mind; it's multiplied times infini
Spiritually elevate so high, I commit driveby's while I skydive
Sip of my time, perform sh** only concieved in sci-fi
So why try an test?
It's boom-bop-bop, Mr. Ice-Grill guy
You must be lookin somewhere else like Biggie Smalls' lazy eye
Ha, sicker than your average
Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome infectin faggots

[Hook] 4x

b**h, b**h, b**h...

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