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Kieran Leonard - Vampire lyrics

When I was 5 years old
I had an imaginary friend
He was a Vampire
Who was vegetarian
I moved around a lot
Now contact has been lost
Now Im 25
I hope hes still alive
If I could call him up
I wonder what hed say?
Would he recognise me now
Would he still like to play?
He is still alive
I just locked him up inside
Isnt it funny the things you find?
When you drink a little too much wine...
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Now I must admit
Its a very srange sensation
When you fix a drink
For a figment of your imagination
Then he put a record on
Cause he knows all my favourite songs
As the music changed the mood
He ate his favourite food
I felt so suddenly relaxed
By the questions that he asked
I said Is your love for real?
He said Son its all part of the deal
And it comes as a surprise
To have you by my side
But I knew you wouldn't mind
Even if I told a lie...

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