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Kiemsa - Oversun lyrics

Girls are walkin´ on the sea side
Boys are lookin´ at their breast size
Stop thinkin´ these things are bad
Boys just testin´ their bloody eyes
Beach is hot, bottoms outside
A b**h shoots my head
And the sun is back ;
Surf´n´sea and body watch
Alco-smoke to sixty-nine...
I´m in "Oversun" on the radio
You´re my summersun
And we play love
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Sex and sea some yes´n´go
Listen baby we´re ready for...
...We´re ready for...
An "Oversun"
Hairs are k**ed with a machine gun
Skin fashion is a sun lotion
All is crap but we have fun
All is fat but we could learn ;
So, after, I´m a winner
We will believe together...
Then, ever, I´m a wanker
Till the end of the summer...

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