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Kidz - Do You Want Me Back? lyrics

Our relationship was fine
But it went over the line
When I saw you with a girlie
She let her hair go curly
How was I to know she was your sister?
And I
But I got mad
And the rest was sad
We broke up
Last week I never woke up




Do you want me back?
For ever and ever?
Do you want me back?
In this terrible weather?
Do you want me back?
If our relationship was better?

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Now I can
Why did you leave without a fight?
Are you still in bed?
As it
You left, without a kiss
Now I got the chance, I gotta say this:
Since we broke up, last week
People say that I
Is there a place we could meet?
At the café, getting something to eat?

Repeat bridge and chorus

I thought I
But now we
We met in the café
We both got a latte
We made up
Now I can wake up
Now our relationship is fine
I wanted you back
You wanted me back, ooh

Repeat bridge and chorus

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