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Kidz - Crashed The Wedding lyrics

Crashed the wedding

so rushed off my feet, (oh-oh)
Looking for Gordon street,
So much I need to say,
Coz she
Her daddy disagrees,
Coz I never got, a j-o-b...
Coz she


And i
Its better than regretting,
I could have been a loser kid
And ran away and hid
But it's the best thing I ever did.
Coz its true love that lasts forever
And now we
As if he never met her
So looking back,
I'm glad i crashed the wedding...

The neighbours spread the word
and My mom cried when she heard,
I stole my girl away,
From everybody gathered there that day.

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Don't waste time being
Mad at me for taking her away, coz
Anyway she didn
So please believe me when I say

Its better than regretting...
The ring she got was lame
She couldn
She didn
Coz true love lasts forever,
And now we
You might as well forget her,
And walk away

It's better than regretting... (it's better than regretting)
The ring she got was lame
She couldn't take the pain,
She didn't want a silly second name (no no no no)
Coz true love lasts forever, (true love lasts)
And now we're back together
You might as well forget her
And walk away
She's glad I crashed the wedding...

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