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Kidz In The Hall - Dumba** Tales lyrics

I knew this n***aa named Khalid from back in the day
Stayed in Beverly, always had them brand new J's
Met him at tennis camp down in Chicago State
Best of friends but we lost touch about grade 8
Heard he moved to Everson and he was serving wit weight
Had the white boys with K kicking him to get straight
Me and Brad was at Nike Town copping some shoes
Come to happen that we just saw Khalid and his crew
He said you trying to get some money, here's what you do
Get every n***a in the HP that you know got loot
Send 'em to me tell 'em I got it for cheap
In return, you and your mans get a finders fee
We had wood n***az, lab nerds, plus chicks at U of C
All f** with me plus Al Shore f** with me
Plus we all went to D, precious party we had n***az straight off the E
A funny sight to see


Our little operation worked for a while
Until Khalid's girl got pregnant with his child
His mom shipped him down to Mississippi
To live with his daddy, no more serving sticky
But see we saw the end of that as a new beginning
No more middle man, cause he wanted to do sh** for himself
Got this goon n***a Philine to come in and help
That we knew from Kenwood batting gloves with his hood
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Never played baseball but he hit n***az good
Uppercuts, lefts, rights always picking a fight
Real clumsy with the money never counted it right
A sneaky motherf**er, could tell by the look in his eye
Plus he loved to get high on his own supply
When his stash got low ain't no asking why
But the chance of hitting hoes never pa**ed him by
So we would never know how to catch the guy


Cops cuffing mine with a gun he catching 5
We was Jack and Jill n@##&s yelling 2 for 5
Around that time Raleigh stopped pushing the work
Cuz he knew with Philine he probably would get hurt
He started selling codeine, x pills, and acid
At Saney Nations is where they get high in between cla**es
Trust fund babies who sniff glue till they start hallucinating crazy
Rock Abercrombie and listen to Slim Shady
Don't smoke weed but they sniffing that white lady
Worked with a couple of them down at Old Navy
I used to give 'em they fix and it was all gravy
Until the manager noticed his workers getting lazy
Checked the lockers found my pills asked me what's the purpose
Held me in the back until police came to surface
Tried to throw me under the surface
But we got away with community service

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