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Kidz In The Hall - Day By Day lyrics

n***az want me to help 'em
I can't help myself
Want me to support them
I can't support myself
Want me to know you
I barely know myself
I might got a little fame
I ain't got no wealth
I'm just one man and one sinner
Living on big gulps and healthy choice dinners
You can tell that I'm stressed
Hear it in my voice
But this is my life man
Rapping is my choice
And I bet you that I make it
Put my life on it
Unborn seed, my crib, and my wife on it
My mics on it w/ bodies of dead friends
That I lost as a child and never will see again
Unless it's at the crossroads
Where heaven and hells home
And n***az that give you that call
Don't mean the cell phone
Do your research like stem cell clones
And the odds are stacked
Just like Ida B Wells Home


From the small talk, my words
It's only meant for big things
So I settle for nothing less then the big screen
I got dreams but I ain't Dr. King
Want to make freedom ring
Wouldn't mind a pinky ring
What's wrong with having nice things
sh**, back in Africa wearing the gold was a sign of a king
Naledge just a sign of the times
Every line in my rhyme define off the top of the mind
I'm one of a kind
Southside's finest
A.k.a. your Heiness
Like airport laboratories
I keep fly sh**
16 bars if you wanted to try sh**
Microphone Mike Vick, I'm a game breaker
Wack mc's shake sorta like a salt shaker
Y'all n***az just fakers
I'm singing Anita Baker
In the background is the rapture
Y'all n***az actors


I remember back when we used to cipher in the basement
It was me, Bradley, and Fooch, Woody, and little David
And nobody ever thought that we would make it
Now them same people hitting me saying my joints they favorite
I ain't going rub it in
But I can't lie, cuz I'm loving it
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Sorta like the burger commercials
n***az home keep asking if I'm turning commercial
I said nah, I'm trying to turn to underground universal
And I meant a couple A&R's from Universal
Shady, def jam, sent a n***a walking like Hershel
I understand, it's nothing personal
But personally I don't give a flying f** if Halle had a set of wings
To my favorite? filled dreams
On stage I vent steam
Show money, got money in European jeans
In Japan
We're just eating on sushi
Waiting to hear cut swimmer like it's a movie

[Chorus: followed by talking]

My words run deep like a skinny girls cut
From a habitat to battle raps, 40 ounces, and blunts
Deep dish pizza, chicken wings, public transportation
Through raps I receive emancipation
I used to get teased like you wouldn't believe
Black kids called me white just because I could read
White kids called me strange cuz of my African name
Now they say my rhymes flame
It's funny how times change
Money makes the world go round
Hustle make the hoes come round
Turns a snakes frown upside down
Eyes on the prize keep my ears low to the ground
Head to the sky like my words came from the clouds
Life's a b**h
Shacking like I play for the Heat
Put a mattress in a snare how I lay in the beat
And it's oh so serious, oh so delirious
n***a turn this up f** is you hearing this


Clutching a beer
Wishing my n***a Raleigh was here
Feeling like Jermaine Taylor as I'm fighting the tears
Wishing I could speak to 'em
Throw a beat to 'em
Now I just look to the sky I think I speak through him
18 years 18 years
Now I'm looking at his momma pour his ash in the pier
Life moving too fast
And I'm losing my peers
That's why I rap so hard, there's nothing to fear
Drinking hard liquor even when there's nothing to cheer
Here comes a brand new flavor in your ear
Not Craig Mack but pro black
My flow is on Prozac
Like Cuba boy in the hood but never go back
That's how I know that
A n***a got to stay strong
Just got to make it like Twista and Trey Songz
Too many times in my life seen n***az stray wrong
Now I'm determined to never play the same song


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