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Kidz In The Hall - Cruise Control lyrics

Relax your mind let your conscience free
You're now rolling with your boy N-A-l-e-d, G-E
Bring good things to life
The flow won't leave no gashes, believe the hype
All sk** all real
Lack will
Bust a rhyme
No slip with a star
By far with a cause with a broad, that is certified slaws
Haters point it out but I let their words miss me
Mad can't stand the rain sorta like Missy
Naledge in the club getting tipsy for real
Posted up taking big shots like Shaquille
Social butterfly, y'all be the caterpillars
b**h made, staying on point like a switch blade
Balling on a budget foam ball and a milk crate
Y'all ain't sh** to me
Like Magic, y'all ain't sick to me


Rock and roll and roll and rock
Real hip hop don't ever stop
Rock and roll and roll and rock
Verse 2 about to drop
Kick off your shoes and relax your feet
And party on down to the Double OV
Got the heart of the street and the eyes of the ghetto
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With the brains of a nerd so insane with the words
Got to drive and I'm driven at the same time
Write a song a day never hear the same line
Remain on the same grind, dodge pettiness
Flow picturesque when I put that pen to that papyrus
Southside scribe
Read it for the village
Loved in the Mecca but I never made a pillage
Water my own gra**, it's greener on my side
Now the leeches asking can a brother ride


College bred rap star
Walking contradiction
Judge the position, black middle cla**
And son in two positions
Still hungry n***as heavy in the D like they was playing for the Pistons
Unpopular, popular kid in the cipher, they didn't really want to hear what I was kicking
Now I'm shaking up the world sorta like I hit Son Liston
Son listen, what I'm cooking in the kitchen
Food for thought, you've been caught
Ultra magnetic wads from pathetic energy kinetic
Searching for love, found it in a pen and a pad
I don't need a platinum chain, or Benz or a Jag
Only thing I'm really turning down is my collar
Why can't fame with your scholar
I want to see millions
But I rather see millions of black educated children

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