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Kid Quill - Downtime lyrics


[Verse 1]
Yeah I wrote this in my downtime but sometimes
I feel like I do better under pressure in the crunch time
When I got deadlines
And radio won't give me no airtime
They telling me to wait for my time
They said that last time
I'm asking myself like why can't I get an email back
Or catch a break like halftime
This next line don't even have to have the same scheme
Because if there's one thing I learned
It's that the true don't have a punchline
Yeah, okay I rest my case
What's a kid like me do without a dream to chase
What's the right girl in the wrong time and place
And what's a baseball game if you don't got home plate
It's pointless
So what I'm tryna say
Is that today I'm just chilling and enjoying my way
Cause I learned it's not always about the top of the mountain
Because the memories are made from the journey we take
It's like that (that, that)

Now it's 11:11 but only eight in LA
We ain't been there
But baby we gon' make it one day
You gotta, good head on your shoulders
But they got chips and scars all over
But for now we in the middle of nowhere
And for once I could say that I don't care
Cause up to now I ain't been living it right
I'll find the answers tomorrow man I'm just living tonight
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It's like that

It's like that
Oh it's like that, it's like that, it's like that, it's like that, it's like that
Oh come on
Come and live with me, come on, come on, come on
Come and live with me, it's like that
Yeah I love you like that

[Verse 2]
In the mean time let's unwind if it's okay
Man I'mma go and switch it up this time (yeah yeah, yeah)
You know what
They must heard that I was relishing the moment
Won't you please catch up
I ain't never been to Cali
But I'm working hard all four seasons
Like my name was Frank Valli
Honestly I don't know if this is gonna pan out
But I don't really give a f**
If it's all planned out
But watch your mouth young man
It's what I heard right then
My Facebook is just filled with don't forget me whens
But I'm so far away from that
That I just message them back
Like god damn it man, please don't ever say that again
And they stop
Yeah, I'm no director but these people around me
Just keep on giving me props
I got the staged set, now I gotta finish the plot
And the truth don't have a punchline in case you forgot
It's like that


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