Kiana Lede - Big Spender lyrics

Big Spender lyrics


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And see Don’t need a bottle .. or a Hercules .. ‘Cause blowin’ trees is all I need (Kiana Lede – Big spender) I don’t want a big bottle of boujee shots .. No f**k boys allowed in my aura This is what I miss but not for his dollar Think I’m tryna flex .., don’t botha, ’cause I’ma Big Spender Lit on my ‘genda .. Last time I paid? I just can’t remember I don’t have the time to play with pretenders Think I have it all .. but I’m the Big Spendeeer. Yeah, yeah, yeah I can’t think of nothin’ else but havin’ you I got my newer things .. I never really do Tell me where you wanna go, I’m thinkin’ Parisss.

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