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I ain' gon lie I be getting a little emotional Go head record it out I be getting a little emotional when I be doing this but, It's him with that camera, that sh** be throwin me off You ready? Start it off (You go) You ain't gotta leave out, it's just I know I'm on film ya heard me? So it f** with me a little bit You ain't gotta go nowhere though You can sit down and stay It's a true story I ain't gon forget my words Start it off I was chillin in a Ihop, overheard a conversation Both of them n***as k**as, one of em was Michael Caden Big brother The Jason I went to school with him His brother got k**ed, so now he keep a tool with him Live around the corner from his two daughters, no father That's when the waitress came over like, "May I take your order?" Give me the breakfast sample Orange juice and a Coke That n***a looked at me and nodded He said I never spoke Like what the f** them n***as lookin at That's what I heard the other say Looked a mean muggin way n***a turned the other way Had to turn deaf ear, Satan was in my left ear Like go and council, you a n***a nobody could see you Show them n***as that you real Nobody could be you I walked over and asked him You wan take it off your shoulder? Hand checkin him in his face Tellin him I'm a soldier I ain't no f**ing drug lord I ain't the type to try to be Ten years of aggression, you don't wanna see that out of me Jagged a** Smith and Wesson Bangin' Sangin' I gotta be That n***a, that n***a All started on a Tuesday afternoon, me and my b**h got into it Unnecessary fools, just toolin, her hair ruined Found out from another chick Livin out of town In an upstairs apartment, that was three corners down Click spot for my round Jeff used to scope pounds Tanya ran into me, her and Amber they ran into me Me and Tanya remained cool Amber's man was p**y He ran to the block, and sent some n***as from another hood They came back, and black masked up Just like I knew they would Runnin' out there buckin loud n***as only laught at ya Hard not to bang when you got b**h n***as attacking ya Up to 40 caliber, oncoming pa**enger Scuffold through the tourist section Stole all the traffica See him with his clique He used to mug, but never buck with them Used to keep a smirk because my old lady was f**ing him Ain't no need to get mad I'm thinking I ain't never f** with him Hit one of my n***as up, we bargained on his brain f**ing with my little brother, who frequently snort the cain Dapped him down as I pa**ed him What's hannin, where's Twerked em? Back was turnt the whole time Little brother ran up and murked him Issued him two to the dome And worked him with the chrome And to this day, I can say I set him up, and he's gone Three months prior I'm downtown, meeting Lisa McBoyd I'm in town handeling business for Floyd He couldn't make it, I'm a take it by myself I'm awating a vaction Three bricks going to Kurt, coming home from Las Vegas On the phone with Joe, finishing a conversation That say I was gonna be off, cause he was at a graduation. Well sh**, I'm on my way out of state to meet Mason He told me to be safe and any problems, I could page him Jeff sitting patient in a vacant location Not knowing that we were stopping in another metropolitan Tanya texts Jeff, still waiting, replied obviously "Hope your cousin Kevin ain't fake, and he ain't jivin' me, Or trynna get me up to the Jake's plotting on robbin me" Tanya said "Kevins my cousin, he wouldn't lie to me, whenever y'all had talked, He was right here on the side of me, they in the real estate and probably lookin At property." Free lease True story

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