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[Intro] As a wise man that think if I possess the game in my mind The reason I wear shades you can't see the pain in my eyes [Verse 1] In the rain storm in the blizzard, expressing all of my feelings Pause, never took me serious, naw, mama never wanna listen Stomach hurting my pockets empty how dare a n***a wanna tempt me In the dark room all prayed out, I ain't never sat in no Bentley Hustle hard in the alley way by Ms. Cita house I'm getting it Wrecked my car Chris laughed at me, like I ain't supposed to remember Wish Wig was still living, wish Shrimp was still living Wish Joe was still living Look at Chris how he tripping Young Troll just hit the phone But he don't keep it a thousand Ray Vicks just jacked him, and he ain't even see bout that Now he telling me 'bout that Seem to me he ain't 'bout that, n***a let me get a thrill juice You don't have it now, but you gone have it later My face card worth a hundred bands Game recognize game baby, my lil brother lil Terrance Hines I'd die for him and go to war behind him Real n***as, all around me, b**h n***as ain't round me Talkin Ma**achusetts exclusive, somebody bring it back Cocaine made me smile but I cried Ain't think my team a rat Stroke know I love em But n***a around could say f** me How that go when I f** with n***a, ain't nobody gone f** with em In the neighborhood that I grew up in They call it the southside, everybody house overcrowded Forcing them to hang outside, my lil cousin Corey, hustle hard in fruits town On the boulevard with the roof open like damn Ced what I do now Me and Bees and Rodney, ice cup and it's muddy You don't like me then f** you Probably dap me off and say f** me God forgive me next n***a play with me I'll probably k** they mother Make the funeral you in trouble A lot of guns out and they bustin' p**y rapper talking sh** on Twitter But out in public it's nothing Discussion had and I bump em If looks could k**, I would've been dead b**h I'm with give real head But I don't trust her that much Let me slip and go back to jail Watch how many n***as she f** Let me slip and go back to jail Watch how many n***as she f** [Hook] n***as all on my dick (zip) b**hes all on my dick (zip) Only God know my struggle Had it hard so I hustle Don't f** with none of you n***as Don't trust none of you n***as Run up on me n***a I'm with it Put a slug in one of you n***as Only God know my struggle Had it hard so I hustle And Everybody round me say I don't give a f** a bout nothin, nothin, nothin, nothin, nothin, nothin I don't give a f** about nothin [Verse 2] Most likely I'm too intelligent They say cuts heal, not much here You forget about it or you get around it Can't forget about it, then you k** about it I'm a ordained street minister Read the bible, but a finish ya Still have trouble with letting go That ain't my ho, I just thought it was My friends laughed when I kissed on her Shoulda pulled my dick out and pissed on em My family on fire wouldn't piss on em Cold world, don't quit on me Grind hard, get rich on em Whatever you do just stack paper My lil cousin Chief just called my phone, and I'm like what's the problem "Heard about Lil Mocha? n***a tried him and Lil Mocha shot him" b**h I'm going hard It ain't no stopping, do that for the bottom Everybody watching, Gates a great and he just made it out Everything I make from profit God I promise, I'll invest in houses Just give me another chance at life Put me back in bounce Went to jail, already had my stripes Ain't no backing down Shawty Spit Stacckz was in the cell with me I'm laughing loud This for all of you that hated Panamaras backing out [Hook]

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