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[Produced By: Go Grizzly] [Intro] Turn it up, let me hear it Turn it up, let me hear it, Oh dumb [Hook] I need it up in my life Every night get on my knees and ask but Heaven ain't been speaking back (speaking back) I need it up in my life This goes out to every ghetto every project who know losing's not an option I need it up in my life (yeah) All this money, cars, and clothes You know I'm balling out control, on you hoes [Verse 1] They attempt to label me inhumane I believe in God but not your God Last n***a got outta pocket on the wrong decor got broke off What the f** is up with these A&Rs Criticizing music they can't make Poking fun at my struggle, I don't find sh** funny I live in places that ain't safe 2008 I got my leg blown off Any given day could get my head blown off Rest in peace to Tyree Edwards Bullet in his head, got his head blown off Tried school, was a great kid Academically I excelled in it Grew up poor, got teased a lot Cause my school clothes had a smell in 'em Same shirt four weeks straight On the block grinding, caught sales in it Juvenile detention my case worker said I might be headed for a crash course No father figure, role models up in prison all my jump shots hit the back board Head-on collision, not watching while I'm steering No air bag, head hit the dash board [Hook] [Verse 2] Approaching me and wanna shoot the sh** But pretend as if they here to help Gates Behind my back in front of label heads Saying "Kevin just won't cooperate" Missed flights, showing up late I live life didn't rap about it No time to live, my time for them How the f** I'm gon' rap about it Speak the truth or rap around it And in a wrap around I rapped about it Tragic ending for some family members In heaven sitting wishing I was with em Instead I'm stuck in this hell on earth With pretend friends who think of ways to get me Couple n***as I loaned money Said they got me ain't never get me Tell a b**h no, I'm never guilty Still ain't got no guilty feeling Always telling me what I should do different But can't explain why they ain't winning My own blood, just turned against me In disbelief I'm like "not true" Devastated, got caught off guard When I seen the switch I'm like "not you" [Hook]

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