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[Hook:] This goes out to those who in the grave Loved ones emigrating, the others doing time But we'll be just right Hold your head, hold your head But don't ever hold your head down Everybody love it when you're broke, hate it when you shine Back against the ropes, no frowns, we still smile Hold your head, hold your head But don't ever hold your head down [Verse 1:] Got it out the mud serving local in the trap Couple f*ggots wanted me wacked, had me clutching gats Pumping crack, crack smokers quickly coming back I do about 55 ounces off of brick, it's jumping back Neighborhood record label popping in my city Dreadlocks, aqua green collar with a fitted Headlock label say if I leave I get a headshot Signed one contract, business venture proposal Pay close attention, tricky dealing with hidden motives Like I said I signed one contract, but noticed Went to jail, came home, label playing me closer Showed me two contracts with my signature and my social What the f** is that? [Interlude:] Let's be honest. When you check into a hotel and you sign for your room you don't write your motherf**ing social security number next to your signature. I come they got my social next to my sh** on two contracts. I only signed one [Hook] [Verse 2:] All I they ever told me was how blessed I was to be under them Reaper'll k** you, God's children ain't the children of men This for those who got picked on and teased all their life Unspoken motives of the cruel, on my knees every night Black termal up under army fatigue with a pipe Itching a brick of biscuit, no need to mimick pretenders Indeed I eat a business when enemies would befriend you Until they see you defenseless and send a n***a to flip you Strictly dealing the district, they leave the building, it's history Back controlling the city with vacuum sales and them digits sh**ting on you b**hes who wouldn't lend me a penny Smiling everytime I'm sticking my dick in one of your women Gates [Interlude:] A wise man told me that to get what you want you gotta know what the f** you want. A wise man also told me that a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. I'm up in focus [Hook]

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