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Kevin Gates - Rican Johnny lyrics

Murder For Hire
Bread Winner Association
Comission guys are it
We got it for the next two summers, n***a
Take her backseat watch this
It's Holiday Season, b**h
Money count don't stop
Foreign cars, bad b**hes
Suitcase full of money
(Holiday Season)
n***a I don't get tired

Money really make me feel like I could be somebody
When I pull up in that Benz, beaucoup freaks surround me
I was born with a plug who am I to lie
You know I let them fly like Puerto Rican Johnny
Money comin' to me ridin' round with duffel bags
Stacks of dirty money wrapped in beaucoup rubber bands
I was born with a plug who am I to lie
You know I let them fly like Puerto Rican Johnny

[Verse 1]
My b**h is Tahoe, this whip came equipped with Moscato my driver be drivin' me a'round
Gunner and Boobie my clique full of shooters look stupid they sendin' them rounds
While I'm in bounds, awkwardly I got an ounce, groupies be followin' me around
Want me the take off the rubbers, you dummy its nothin' you f** with a few of my rounds
Britches ain't baggy, but my pants are saggin', this Five Panel hat and I just turned it backwards
Somewhat eclectic I don't f** with rappers, I'm not into swaggin' but they love my swagger
Your b**h is an animal, f** from the back and it's somewhat degradin' the way I behave with her
Want me to stay with her, I could just play with her hard on her feelings won't kiss her, won't lay with her

b**h I got paper, to get if I'm broke then I'd probably end up unhappy
I'm a ceramic, pull up on carbon ceramics my b**h didn't deliver a package
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The neighbor was snoopin' he threatened to take me to court and you know we look at it like rattin'
n***a out in front of his home felt like aiming this long, but that sh** wasn't even effective


[Verse 2]
Where the bands at, rubber band that
Caught money givin' orders to a b**h, excuse me?
Fynna say orders to your b**h
I ain't really even really wanna argue this sh** I got a condo and a crib
And the people that I own it check, now n***a come get it how you live
Put that on the RIP, Rest in Peace to my n***a [?] got a feelin' that I'm on a muthaf**in' [?]
Carve a p**y not at all a p**y, would it bother you or can I call you p**y?
On the phone with a b**h I can call for p**y, I ain't feed her no dick Im'ma starve the p**y
Ball with the balls and my arms in the pause, run a n***a up with his arms in the car
In the car unalarm, in the car withas alarm I was talkin' bout the feds if your offed then your on

I'm in love with the way the money come off of these d**
My conversations addictive some people might catch 'em a buzz
While you was in jail this n***a was f**in' your fionce
That b**h gon' love and she gon' kik but she not Beyonce


n***as playin' with my n***as when they not here
You know you owe some n***as money its gon' sound fair
Treat my n***a like he [living?] you a p**y n***a
And don't be rappin' on his name with all you p**y n***as
Ball, welcome to Puerto Rico
Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico
Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico
Ball, ball, welcome to Puerto Rico
You got that in there?
Let me hear that n***a

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