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Kevin Gates - Khaza lyrics

[Verse 1]
Gates get the business cleared anywhere we at
Smilin' in my face, but itchin' to get me wet
Name and his mouth bad when he kick it wit' other camps
Tellin' lies wit' the stamp and try to give me the wrap
I'm in the street wit' it, you really won't be exact
Not a good gang member, the members'll probably rat
I don't trust many profession that livin' that
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I don't love women, I heared you could get her back
Hang up in his face, watch how quick he call back
Whip up at the Texaco, now, what you call that?
You went in pain, how I get in it wit' you? I'm wit' all that
Shoulder strap wit' a suppressor, MAC-11, fall back
Speakers bumpin' 'A Milli', Osama, twin llamas
Grew up seein' violence, pull up wit' the knowledge
Got my GED, wish I would have made it to college

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