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Kevin Gates - Chico lyrics

[Hook x2]
If mi carnales have a calling card
My Zoro voodoo, we can go to war
My Jamaican bring the reefer in
Grabbing five, I can throw you ten

[Verse 1]
KD said that he don't want to sell to nobody
Probably cause he don't want to tell on nobody
You and them n***as ain't scaring nobody
Just left Mississippi, they bout the grab it, you know how I'm acting
Say there go shawty, we jump in the Maxima and she do the driving
I like to ride pa**enger
Highway therapeutic
I type in my phone while I listen to music
Now we in Houston
f**ing with broads and miniature Thompsons
Did somebody shoot me?
Breadwinner came, pull up in Bell Austin
Promoters want posters that all of you know what I told em
You know it's gone cost you, straight up
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[Verse 2]
It's gone jive when they come recompress
Break down, rebuild, repack, resend
I'm just saying, what you mean what it is?
Cameras on all TVs in the crib
Yeen really this, I ain't that, what the f**?
Serve your chain up, get the thing in the club
[?] off, call off, phone keep blowing up
Street n***a Bread Winner sign, we throwing up
Pounds in the kitchen on the floor in the bag
Butcher knife, cutting through the blocks on the slab
Newspaper on, get to shake [?]
Country boy need 50 so I got to get him fast
Four hundred 48 grams on the scale
Money counter going dumb, I ain't tripping on the smell
Say they really need it I can put it in the air
Front door step if I put it in the mail


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