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[Intro:] Say, say Tasha say Brianna run over there and bring me my cup ya heard me Bring me that right there n***a already know my swagger sit on the ceiling with hopes of grabbing a million If rap don't happen to happen its back to bagging and pitching How can a child heed they father when he somewhere in the pen 30 days from my release right back in the streets again [Hook:] Prayers go to heaven, when you close your eyes The gunshot sounds come as no surprise When living in a soldier man town When living in a soldier man town No sunshine skies are grey But we live this night and day I Guess I'm living in a solider man town I Guess I'm living in a solider man town [Verse 1:] 750 Li, dive in the streets You learn to shallow your pride or you die tryna eat Kevin Gates, don't know what to call it, forever me Whatcha months like, I ain't sold gra** since 17 God I know you in control of the cards and you deal em right My dawg gave his heart to the Lord, and got hit with life At least we still see him, not at all freedom Family pictures without you in em, we not at all cheesing Something about your daughter, the way she be looking at me Give her toys, and I spoil her, she still don't be looking happy n***as look crooked at me, symbol of success Bread Winners Association got the emblem on my neck Out of town Beto and Brian we talking brick money A8, R8 Spyder, we talking whip money Pigeon on the strip, feet hurting, you talking trick money Had to get a job to survive, cough up your rent money [Hook] [Verse 2:] Lord bless me with another topic, public defender No dream team, no Johnny C**krin The mothers of my children got they own specific ways Head first in the game, keep hunger pains away When Grandfather pa**ed away, I heard him say you the man of the family Never thought the Judge and the DA's would try to slam me Now I understand that it, ain't no understanding Money in my hand, my respect, I'm demanding Label label me reckless safe to say a loose cannon Fast cars, fast broads, and penitentiary chances Broke it off they like family, big dawgs got involved Now the kid is outstanding Nike sweats, White G-Stock look who out standing on the block Fiends pa**ing, watching things hara**ing Stop it, in the street I'm tryna see a profit Can't go get a job, I ain't got no other option [Outro:] True life confessions, expressing what I believe Scars on the surface, with mines I can bleed Everything I lost, eventually Ima see Lay my life down, holding my weapon willing to squeeze Stuck in the street life s**ing my teeth like Hustle to eat, while I'm, clutching my heat Object of the game was to stack and get out of here Shoulda never changed, so I'm trapped, can't get out of here [Hook]

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