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Kevin Gates - Nothing Change lyrics

[Verse 1]

Hit the block, hustling hard dodging the squad car
Popping off, running your charms, front of the fire star
Die hard, living to feel, k**ing is my job
Body on the hind me when the shot at your blunt
Living the star, get them starred, I go rock them to god
But in the same, never change, complaining to earn something
Probation, on the thrown, no joke can't burn nothing
Police been deceived I'm eager to turn from me
Lil ditches, unrated, no sweet, a clean money
Stacks in the shoe box, movie money
Wise she college fool, loosely money
Understanding brought wisdom is wrong when you cross me
Call the boss now I'm sending the sharp with the sharp teeth
Crush time, after brunch had lunch on the gun line
Whats grime? I'm a rap game legend I must shine
They don't love me for my bucks I'ma cut them with punch lines
[Hook x2]

I say if ain't nothing change, why you looking surprised?
Dead Game chain swing, see the look in my eyes
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I be like.. b**h I'm gangsta ion' ever back down
Say b**h I'm gangsta ion' ever back down

[Verse 2]

September 12th in front of the board got a court case pending
Play them chouder get the vaguer like I'm OJ Simpson
Spraying flower through the towers for the no name n***as
Supply food for the goons and the c**aine dealers
Me cleaver mistake, we eat at your grave
I leave optimus prime the bean beam in your face
My stay, had to following browsing through the city
Window shopping with the mafia for houses we can visit
Push and shove under the rug, dusting for finger prints
All honour calls say loose lips can sink a ship
Me and my weapon, match made in heaven
Crack had a divorce but stacks stayed together
On brother, with the poke-a-dots (?) poking out
Some was in the dungeon bet they wonder what I'm smoking now
Driving where I posted got me ordered grabbed the posters now
Hate to be a pro but she said she want me to poke her now

[Hook x2]

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