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Kevin Gates - Rollin Round lyrics


You only get one opportunity, if you don't know its gon
Show real recognize real nigga,Rollin round wit millz
Rollin round wit millz

Whateva I spend hustle too big I get it again women pretend
(Tell you dey love you) I don't wanna here, go where you been
Hustle too big, I know how to win, whatever I lend I get it again
Rollin round wit millz I'm rollin round wit millz (don't want you to
Love me, I don't wanna love you anymore) rollin round wit millz
Rollin round wit millz (I don't wanna love you, don't want u to love
Me anymore) rollin round wit millz, I'm rollin round wit millz
(Don't want u to love me anymore)

( Verse 1)

Don't know how to stand down, all we do is stand out, pockets
Rubber band out, I don't do no hand outs, shots fired man down
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(Boom boom boom boom) (?) She a stripper, ima trick her, get her
To the trap house (killa) make her tap out, finish kick her ass out
Swear to god I can't get caught up slippin wit my pants down (idgt)
I don't get tired you should know what dats bout, pants sagging
Go ( ?) Prey dat we don't pass out


(Verse 2)

Hold up I wanna stand up in dey chest, wat up cut up, bandanas
On hammer, rest in peace big hammer, I was post to play for the
Panthers, for shoulder play in the slanmer , bunch of problems no answer
Lee Lucus coming home, I can't wait till you get out, me and nook range
Rover (?) Day that you get out, I go mad, show my ass, I'm supposed
To be somebody, I don't notice of nobody, (?), all my haters they
Don't like it, keep your girl I'm in excited


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