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Kevin Gates - Got It lyrics

[Verse 1:]
You nigga have the nerve to tell me
Dont talk to him unless you some into this tax bracket
I reach in my pocket i pull out my black card
And i just laughed

Bank roll in my pocket how you think that i got it
Everything exotic how you think i got it
The niggers with respect how you think that i got it
Got the pussy from your ex how you think that i got it
How you think that i got it [x8]
[Verse 1:]
We flipped the wrist watch the whip it looks like Elvis Mike
You know how it is i brought the bitch but all it is
I broke it off in her pelvis call for six
Call this shit male that won't fit in my cell
Call the cannon and get the skeleton
Rock rock rock that chopper sell it
Get out the business got lots of game
Call them for me not telling off the fridge
Pretend they in copa setting with the tempers plate
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When i pay for ten real winner conversation
Case dismissed i killed the bitch
You got that exonerated


[Verse 2:]
Call the practice calling starter Jackets
Come on bitch get out it automatic
Dance with all my tactics all weight a thousand
Colours that's a miley bucket ain't no way around it shorty
Throw it right on my ass break down that product she found on the glass
Supposed to be fucking her back at the crib
Stucked to a cheque and we done that by hand
Catch if you can what the fuck did you say
Play then you get laid cut in your head
Enough of you bluffing come up with the functions
I'm not in the frontin nothing but money to part that i
Got won't fit in my wallet and you think that i got it what's up
Only a squash


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