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[Verse 1] I don't eat bacon, order steak and eggs I'm picky, picking over chicken like a set of legs I eat sushi and that honey b**ter sweat bread You just started eating coochi Don't let me say it I am not kidding That's why I stopped kissing I am not dissing Bright women p**y stank All you n***as f** the same hoes Come on what you think? Getting home, tryna wipe it off before my girl smell it Why you think I'm tryna wipe it off? Because your girl smell it And my girl smell it Stupid mother f**er Know it's confusing, I be losing mother f**ers Probably to inclined for your mind Stupid mother f**ers They say it's my turn to eat, I say It's been the time I hold my city down winter time to winner time Producers give me food to chew, hmm Dinner time And it ain't nothing else to do Now it's k**er time [Bridge] My grandmother use to tell me a long time ago, she used to pull me to the side She'd say "Baby, sometimes talking to you be like talking to a brick wall. But you never cease to amaze me. You're amazing." [Verse 2] Jumping out the top of that thing, my dreads shaking No look like shaperay, manna' talk like a Jamaican You know can do what I can do, why you 'ating? Try and get the money up too, real impatient Thirty in the party Hardly mean a ting Manna' badman You want to see my dingaling? Dingalingaling Wiggling me dingaling You do the same if you ain't got a brain Wiggle your dingaling Jump in the Luc with Newman He got a thing for green Pick up the phone, call Bone Yo I need the lean My little n***a Level n***as ain't on your level Get your change, don't change Keep the city under pressure Brice doing 6 B**bie coming home Wayne had stacks Smash the lack in a mc Play the side line see the ties when they ride by I don't hate, love to see you shine Get your ride fly [Bridge] A lot of people don't know this I jumped off the porch when I was like 14, 15 Head first in the game Used to have fun rapping and sh** But me? I more looked at boxing like my ticket out the hood [Verse 3] Walking home from practice had a talk with Big London Told him what it was and got the hook up on them onions Whole block bumping Traffic star coming That other boy was pa**ing through but wasn't sellin' nothin' My favorite rapper Big Head, couldn't tell me nothin' Buckzey came home, had the rap game lovely Time Reezy came home I had a trap in the bottom Then I told Tome I'd never turn my back on the bottom, got em

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