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Kevin Gates - Serenity lyrics

Accept what I can't change
Courage to change what I can
Wisdom to know the difference

Ups and downs
I see frowns all around
God protect me, be my weapon
If they catch me out of bounds
Enemies, praying for serenity
To accept what i can never change
Fire in their eyes, that just won't go away
My hearts been taken by surprise
Now would you be around
Wondering who's gonna be around

[Verse 1 ] Starlito
Said the serenity prayer a hundred times when they ran my license
Damn i should have ran
Fresh out of second chances
Got this one b**h she so fancy
Pretend to understand me
My feelings been so damaged
Can't pretend to be romantic
A reckless street n***a
Thats her fantasy
Going against the wishes of her family
Finding comfort in my insanity
Still ain't met none of her friends
I don't f** with strangers
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Buy her nothing but big bags
Gotta tuck my banger
I see the devil in her eyes
But got the touch of an angel
I bet i introduce her to pain
f**in with a gangster
Routine traffic stop going up the road
Wonder if she can accept that'll ill never change
Thats all i know
I dont trust a soul
To used to being betrayed
It's survival of the game


[Verse 2] Kevin Gates
Slurred words
Mental purge with liquid courage
Poverty-stricken origin
Recollection a blur
Puking out my intestines i ingested the curse
After first base always stuck between second and third (just go home)
Afraid to go home if home is where the heart is
Mother's relationship abusive, don't know who my pa is
Love a stripper (why?)
Modeled after my mama's figure
Clock is ticking, if divided by time that i spent in prison
Deserted by the very ones, slippin in my feelings
Shy of commitment, petrified ?
Instagram pictures im diggin, twitter DMn
Not to mention how me met cuz she mentioned me in my mentions
Too reluctant won't open up, she thinkin i'm willin to listen
Pretty women ?
b**h on the lips I ain't kissin

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