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Kevin Gates - ON MY OWN lyrics

Boy a n***a really with that sh** boy
I do this sh**
40 with the drums .. 40 with the drums .. remember we was young .. 40 with the drum

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Never been portrayed left along f** it I can get it on my own n***as getting caught up on the phone I know how to weather through the storm I can grind and get the money long love a b**h I can leave alone I go to jail a day left alone the plug love me I can get em gone n***as want run with me till some um with me they not 100it broke and had nothing to eat but we found us a way when we got with a real n***a

Remember we was young .. fighting over crumbs .. we controlled the slums .. 40 with the drums .. 40 with the drums .. remember we was young .. 40 with the drum

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
I pray the lord forgive me .. k**ing came with ghetto vision .. I know the angels with me Im not want for superstition .. BWA .. hard to name a n***a flyer now .. your b**h just feel in love with the neighborhood supplier now .. no more beef no more ice brain storming on the flight not the flight that come with wings in the trenches selling white Im not focused on your women you can keep her she ain't right Breadwinner Ron grab the money counter lets get right .. take the pain away dog food an syringes .. take the pain away don't believe in stealing hustle arrest Im gone away don't believe in snitching your b**h just feel in love but im fresh out of trust

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