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Kevin Gates - Drugs (Remix) lyrics

[Produced By Chophouze]

[Hook - Young Scooter & Rich Homie Quan]
Drugs, everybody on drugs
Had a dose of Miley Cyrus then I fell in love
Drugs, I made my own drug, don't need no plug
Your partner go Hollywood, act like he on drugs
Drugs, drugs, make you turn up in the club
Drugs, drugs, raise your middle fingers up
Drugs, drugs, no I ain't on every drug
Drugs, drugs, will make you fuck some millions up
[Verse 1 - Young Scooter]
Everybody on drugs
Turn up, count up, in this club
Scooter codeine fiend
Miley Cyrus, I'm in love
Juuging out the triple beam
Juug out four different drugs
Real talk 1000 pounds stacked off in the tub
In Atlanta, Young Scooter the king of selling drugs
And I can't do a song if I ain't on drugs
Drugs! (drugs)
Dope boy, road runner
You understand, you get some game from him
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Everything was on her right, Colombia the hottest song
I rap about drugs so my judge did me wrong
All of my niggas with me you know I'm never alone
All you rappers sounding like y'all ain't nothing but some clones
Bad drugs


[Verse 2 – Kevin Gates]
Thought that I was doing right, I ain't know I was doing wrong
Thought my niggas was with me, I ain't know I was alone
Rap don't happen to happen, I know we'll be all right
I grew up in the ghetto, I can cook and sell white
Daughter learned to walk when I was locked up it hurt me to death
Bad drugs made me lead the beef when the ether don't stretch
Numb the pain by sippin' lean and blowin' weed when stressin'
My nigga made it, he got famous, I ain't hate, felt like we made it
Got on drugs, he started changing
Felt like we was gon be major
When you was broke I put that bread behind you, selling drugs
Artificial love, met the plug, now mail the bud
Muncho died, I died inside, when Mazi Miley fell in love


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