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Kevin Gates - Coco (Remix) lyrics

I mean, I want talk some sh**, I mean
I mean, what the f** a n***a thought?
Baking soda, I got baking soda
Pull up in a Rarri
Wait, hol' up, I'm trippin'
Let's start this b**h over

[Verse 1]
Pull up in a foreign
Hol' up, that my stripper
You know we be thuggin'
My b**h' name Ferrari
Go get yo cousin, cuz Gunna gon' f** ‘er
Clutchin' the 4-4, in luv with the coco
Do yoga like cocos, she knows we be ballin'
Bread winner, rich rap, got the game in the clinch
Treat that we twitch, just came with the stitch
Nip Hussle got a n***a on a marathon
Hol' up, think I left the pistol in the carry-on
Big booty, big booty, b**h, real big booty
We don't talk to the cops, with this steal we shootin'
Pants sagging with the belt sike, n***a wearin' joggers
Red on yo head have it matchin your bottoms
Came ‘im outta prison, n***a, I ain't have a dolla
Lay up on the snowflake, run up on the whole thang
Trap house, beach straight, drop out the c**aine
Drama street n***a, I'm a blood that rollin' c**aine
Get it back to Jordan's, goin' harder with dope game
Let em get a peak, take off with the propane
I don't get tired, give a f** what a ho think
Drop dick, drive, need money for the whole team
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73 Chevelle, put that b**h together
I'm married to the money, sh**, we live together
Baking soda, I got baking soda
Baking soda, I got baking soda
Lingo, she like the way that I be talkin'
She want a Bread Winner street n***a who retawdid](4702784)
Six cell phones, I'm like who the f** is calling?
She want a Bread Winner, street n***a who retawdid
Street n***a who retawdid, street n***a who retawdid
Baking soda, I got baking soda
Baking soda, I got baking soda

[Verse 2]
Purse with the Yola, she straight outta Tampa
I love her, her skin look like soda, meant to say cola
Turn up with my youngin, he think I don't luv him, I know it
Like to get loaded, f** it, drop off a brick to Lil Mocha
Let ‘em get weed, sh**, I ain't gon lie prolly rollin' and smokin'
Opposite soda, 40 ounces I'm droppin a 4 in a (cola)
My lil partners, they likin' em Xans
Break cal off a coffin syringe? ? ?
Might lose ya, keep up if ya can
Bam bam thank you ma'am imma scram
They be lying they sellin' no sand drops
Drop soft, it get hard you can't break it by hand
Come here foo, make it bounce like spalding
Make it bounce, make it bounce like spalding
Make it bounce like spalding
She got a Bread Winner, and she say that he retawdid


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