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Kevin Gates - 2014 They Don't Get Tired Cypher lyrics

[Verse 1: O.T. Genasis]
My momma said I ain't got it all
To tell the truth I believe her, I ain't got it all
13 tucked the water gun in my drawers
Shot at the police because I thought I was in the movie Set It Off
Boy was I wrong now I gotta big choppa
And I stay in Versace Big Pappa
Played no games I don't duck duck goose
I just duce, duce, duce, that means you, you, you
Shooting won't stop I just don't get it
Cause it's 50 for a bottle and a plane ticket
Hoes running a fam, look where the mom did
n***as ain't loyal either look what Lebron did
New winning game just getting wet toes
Just hanging with shooters that be on lines, wet clothes
'Bout to catch a body, chill leader
In the Philly with a motherf**ing cheerleader
Sleeping on me Red Beam
Hundred shots, everybody horny, wet dream
I'm on west side and I don't low ride
2 door Bentley coupe, I'm ready to f**ing shoot
Light skin girls I had a hard time with
I was dark, so they used to treat me like dogsh**
They called me midnight, shadow, oil stain
Ok enough is enough that's not my f**ing name
So I turned up, bought me a couple packs
Turned one into two, oh how I love the trap
I'm the man now, no caption
All in they redskins, Desean Jackson

[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
You know Gates stays stupid mane who am I to say
You gotta peep him when you see him
Check out how he do his thing
That dont match he got on louis with a gucci wallet chain
Bottom line, never had a mind who am I to think
It was times I had to grind, me and you are not the same
I be movin' in the coupe, you just pulled up in a daze
Playing ball on the ball courts to hoopin in the cage
I went from hoopin' on the ball courts to hoopin' in the cage
I don't know him but he better keep that metal when he walks
Be behaved I wanna break him off nail him to the cross
Look when he got his weapon off ain't no steppin' off
Different interests afflicted how he led us with his thoughts
Dedication mistaken, so what saw people crazy
Done meditated for days and then elevated to greatness
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I listen bad with intentions of hearin half
Partner was the driver the cops were clearing path
Riding with us a chopper, shot through the steerin shaft
Baby mother blamed me for k**ing her childrens a**
[Verse 3: G-Eazy]
With the all black attire on like somebody died
You heard I'm not a real one then somebody lied
f**boy's soft I know he's pink
I care less about the haters, I care more about what OGs think
Hit the store copped the OE drink
Just imagine meeting legends like I wonder what the old me'd think
Played a show cashed the check copped a rollie quick
Flip you off while I hold my dick
Why the bums wanna hate on Eazy?
Probably because I'm pretty and my smile looks great on TV
Surely he can't spit, surely he ain't sh**
Surely you ain't paid enough attention to your bank slip
It's cheap if you sleep on G
See I run with the wolves of wall street
You wear the sheep all b
Whiskey, condoms, and tree what I keep on me
You can't climb as high as me like your Jeep's on E
Get used to me I'm leaving no time soon
Y'all are about to see some sh** you can't imagine like you just did shrooms
So forget what you thought it was, I just finally caught a buzz
Son you all like a father does
I gets a lot of love, G

[Verse 4: Loaded Lux]
Lux on BET, you bet your luck
I draw more blacks than etch a sketch does
Protect your neck duck, pray for the predators
Show 'em open arms so they don't open the register
I'm with the band we came to dance, baby James Brown
I see the circus ain't changed just the clowns
Hard luck, momma said not like shots out of Starbucks
Balled up punches that cars crush on these [?]
Gone what? that ain't what neither you or your mom's want
Fronting on the phone getting 50 dudes on your lawn front
Pops don't screw up, in the club with losers
Before I met y'all I thought scrubs were loofahs
And you was stable, saving for that cash
Now ok go get payed
You be lying I cut you [?]
[Wires in every speech?]
Why are you being discreet?
A rapper cover gets blown when this fire's being released

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