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Kevin Gates - 106 & Park Backroom Freestyle lyrics

Dj Live:
Well,we live from the backroom.And i'm ya boy,Dj Live.We taking it Down South right now to my Louisiana Fan,Kevin Gates
Yo Kev,step to the Mic and talk to em boooyyyy
Overlook.Lookin over the shoulders of Dice Shooters
In the city surviving supplying the Pipe Users
Waking from outta my sleep they baggin out
It's a ha**le coming up in that South,play it out
Three indivisuals shot in Marcastles ain't make it out
Play the curb,n***a play with my curb
Layed em down
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This ain't the Burbs you ain't touching no birds
Safe and sound
I be on the ground.Made a way to hustle
Choke-holes strong tote long nose potato mufflers
Certified as a child.Real as you oughta have it
No stealin my Starter Jacket or stealin my Starter Jacket
Women on my dick it's different I started rappin
n***as takin flicks i get it an autograph em
Station Wagon got a new name send out the Magnum
Hop out the Magnum no really we bout that action
Ughh!We bout that action

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