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Kevin Gates - 100it Gang (Marijuana Time) lyrics

I'm leanin' right now
Got to be a b**h with a**, BWA
How you know us, we don't even know your name
It's marijuana time
I'm leanin' right now
Nina on me now don't make me bring that .40 out
What you talking 'bout don't make me bring that yoppa out
I'm leanin' right now

A lot of n***as flexing, say they know 100it gang
But how you know us and we don't know your name
Light it up, it's marijuana time
Pour it up, I'm leanin right now
Shorty super fine and I just wanna dick her down
Bring me the p**y I'mma k** it from behind
Light it up, it's marijuana time
Pour it up, I'm leanin right now
[Verse 1]
Got a bad b**h in Lafayette, and like 50 grand on that f** sh**
B.G.'s and VSA's, give 'em the word they gon' bust quick
n***as throwing water cause they know they watered down
Brookstown) With more bread than dough right now
Lingo, what up? (Yo) What up? (I go) dumb (and) retawdid' (What else?)
Know its got a name, (But what?) don't know what to call it
2 and a 16 ounce pint, I'm leaning right now
My phone be going dumb and that b**h ringing right now
Pull up in them ghosts (runny runny)
Me and Mozzy Floats
Half pound of loud running off at the mouth, shorty need some culture
Car full of k**ers, bout they business, tinted windows, in Toyota Corollas
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Play with me or Nook goddam, Boobie ain't gon' stop unloading


[Verse 2]
Hey bro look, look over there (I see) She want, me
Her booty like a joystick, Nintendo... WII !
With Percy, a Lago, and a Maserati
Jet Life out his body, beat it, Brasi!
People get behind me I ain't slowing or going I'mma call your phone first before I even pull up
Video coming on MTV, I don't really give a f**, long as every hood know it
Hashtag BMTP, bring me the p**y and bring ID
Not the average girl from the videos, bumping India Arie
If you p**y, change the subject, paparazzi
Caught me tongue kising one night while out in public, got me
Got to be a b**h with a** to be BWA
Can't f** with bartender Cherry cause, that ho p**y stank


[Verse 3]
I'm cryin' "shame", n***a main line wanna f** with Luca Brasi
Every time we around each other I can feel her eyes watching
My Roley game time give a Colorado rocky
Met a freak from Denver called her freaky Colorado
p**y ooh, juicier than sushi with no avocado
And I do, insecure and he don't want her for the motto
What it do, Bailey's Irish Cream, drinking out the bottle
She get loose, now she drinking chocolate martini moscatto
Pouring juice, lick it off her nipples in love what I got her
Told her crew, freaky things we do, now they wanna holler
Confused, but what's it to you? On twitter they follow
Stuck my tongue all in her a**, you should've seen the way she wobbled

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