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Kendrick Lamar - Shot Down lyrics

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Light an incent for little Kendrick
Little oh Kendrick
Determination, my drive is like a thousand convertible engines
My adrenaline pump the blood of a warrior chump the apprentice
Grown to be a man, 21 now, my heart in my hand
Don't get gunned down, I'm from Compton bitch
Fuck a 6-4, we hit the kill switch
The other day I seen my nigga Snows in the casket
Darker skin tone, you can only imagine
The type of shit we on, murdered them dumb bastards
Kill em inside their kitchen and then stuffed them inside their cabinets
Death before dishonor, put that on my Mama
I'mma ride till I see the promise land, that's a promise
Llamas in the unfamiliar minivan, more drama only make more problems but

They gotta get shot down, cause we riding, we riding, we riding, they gotta get shot down, cause we riding, we riding

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Like a black rodeo, 44's, calicos
Chop em up, stop em up like a stuffy nose
We supposed to be brothers, motherfuck ya tuck your tail bitch, hell is waiting on ya
While I'm praying on ya, not on my knees though, I mean praying on ya
I gotta feed ho, and your death is nutritious to my appetite
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After I eat you're sure to see afterlife
Jesus Christ, forgive me for my sins, because when you forgive me, I'm sure to sin again
I guess I'm a sinner, especially when I found out somebody killed my nigga
Nigga does anybody killer, fuck your creed race or color
Son daughter sister mother brother gotta suffer
Bitch I'm cold hearted, till my arteries freeze please hand me the keys to the G-ride
They outside then


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar & Punch]
Somebody get ready for a murder, no more further announcements
Mac-11 bouncing, the murder scene, coroner, yellow tape surrounding
Either I retaliate or find self counseling

Somebody got to die, simple mathematics
Semi-automatic, watch them niggas panic and their hearts perish
Or lets be diplomatic and less melodramatic
Everything is vanity, think Ecclesiastic
But what's it all for, or what's it all mean
An eye for an eye means you and I won't live to see
As our hearts bleed we proceed cautiously
Shoot them niggas down consciously that's how


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