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Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Carter 2 (New Wayne Verse) lyrics

[Produced by Infamous and Drew Correa]

I'm in the studio
All day all night
Cookin up the flow
Gettin my career right
As I should
Try'na get my mama up out the hood
So don't blame me if I hustle like I'm broke
Cause all my life I've been broke
I'm K-Dot if you didn't know
Aiming straight for the top

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
Hub City beat
87 baby 87 Cudi screamin' out "Fuck the police"
Bubble kush in the trunk, choppers in the front seat
Get your top peeled back, don't chitterchat, don't speak of me
I move low-key, I think like a double OG
Inside of an old school bumpin' oldies
So high off life, that bitch I could OD
Die twice, and come back the same nigga
Lame niggas get up out of my lane nigga
Before the big red come through and run over your brain nigga
Me propane niggas for their dividends
Forgive you innocent, Compton all of my uncles wore Pendletons
West Coast rider, bitch I'mma ride her
'Til the wheels fall off, buy more tires
Mmm, say hello to the new prince
I'm high king behind black tint


[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Get the fuck out of my business
Because I've been handling the fuck out of my business
Grinding got perfect attendance
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Flyer than first-class and detention
Uh, been a winner since the beginning
And my records show, not even in the Guinness
What do you mean, am I finished? I'm just getting started
But you're on the sideline like Vince Lombardi
Weezy, new born baby? and it's my party
And I'm kicking like a horse on the stick-shift Ferrarri
Like new cocaine, bright yellow dope?
Bright red flag like a red velvet rope
Open for criticism, there really isn't any room for criticism
When this shit is in I'm in deeper than your pool, so I swim in towel-less
Bitch, I be and I been ballin'


[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
Mmm, fuck 'em all, kill 'em all off
Send 'em off to the holy one
Put a hole in one, like miniature golf
Price on your head, and they trying to purchase
No matter the cost
Hand over the cloth
Cloth over the gun
Gun over your jaw
Bullet over your tongue
Stick my dick inside hip-hop and shorty's sprung
Every time I get a chance to come over I overcome
Over the snare drums
They say, "Who fucking with you if you the god MC?"
I tell 'em none
Get it? I tell 'em none
Catholic nor Christian, holding the book of sums
In the back of my True Religions
Never passed the bar but
I ain't got to study law
Just to judge lyrics
Mmm, I should be the judge of lyrics
Bang the gavel, give you a life sentence


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