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Kendrick Lamar - A Milli (Freestyle) lyrics

[Produced by Mr. Bangladesh]

(Top Dawg, Money GANG)
Owwww, Dave, I see you, now see me
Look, I Say I'm a millionaire
I'm a Top Dawg millia- no let me just come in unorthodox
I order plenty ammunition for the enemies that I got
I'm the King, I'm just looking for my Coretta Scott
Bet I pop, like a boy band, I'm annoying to rappers
Guess I'm poison to rappers, front on me, get bent backwards
Stepping on em' like a Kappa
Cap and gown, graduated with my Masters
So where do I go now
Swear there is none after
I'm the bishop, I'm the pastor, I'm the god MC
And you don't want to get caught in the rapture
I would probably burn your whole colony
Chew you up then spit you out
Your nothing but a Polla Seed
Follow hood policies
Compton, California where the motherf**in' riders be
You never seen a k**er til you seen one on side of me
That green on the side of me
f**in' all about my f**in' money like Assadomy
f** them b**hes properly
I do it
I do it, done it run it like I grown legs by the hundreds
My pocket full of hundreds, I'm always hungry
Been hungry, I think a n***a need three stomachs
Bummy, NEVER
Middle of a conversation, I cough up a feather
And get ready for the detonation
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I bomber whoever
Whatever you bout, I'm bout it twice like a woman who give twins life
I steered right through your fan base every time
Tapping your demographic like I was Gregory Hines
Every line be Taylor made, hella paid, count that money, several ways
I'm a beast, f** a mansion, I rather live in a cave
Sasquatch is back, but what y'all really didn't know is I sasquatch can rap
Motherf**er I'm iller
Ok, I squeeze the juice out a rapper and just squash this track
The people like "What the f** happened and where Wayne be at?"
There's some boy named K Dot and he's a maniac!
I think his vocals is strapped, with a toolie in fact
He spit like a Uzi *Rat-Tat-Tat*
He just shot me in my back, somebody pick up my back
I think that boy from Iraq , I think y'all boys better know that
He got it on lock like a Low Jack
Heading straight for the top like a ball cap
Y'all better fall back, y'all better crawl back where ya'll came from
Ain't one better than the one who can write like Langston Hughes from the brain off top
Like a bottle dude, get a hollow, where you swallow food
Get a model, bet she swallow, who? Me
Bet she goggle like a scuba diver eyes in the sea
Recognize who I be, K. Dot motherf**er
Dot motherf**er, hot motherf**er, drop top when ya popped with the Glock
On your side motherf**er, side motherf**er, ride motherf**er, die motherf**er
When I go pop pop
Open up close shop like a retail spot
Everybody know I be where the money lie, eat where the money lie, sh** where the money lie, sleep where the money lie
b**h thats no lie, let the truth be told
K Dizzle the Big Sizzle, turn beats to stoves, burn up
Rap-Ist I'm iller
Dig it, like it, love it a lot

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