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Kendrick Lamar - The Heart (Part 4) lyrics

Feat : Schoolboy Q

[Verse 1: Schoolboy Q]
You been down with me since I first started
No love for a friend, baby girl cold-hearted
I know it's really hard to believe
But fuck her with the shoe, I probably would never succeed
On my knees, beggin', 'Please' for the Lord to forgive me
I tried to bounce, but your spirit had bit me
I'm drinkin' the Remy, killin' niggas, squeezin' the semi
Ridin' 'round in a Cutlass, shit, I need me a Bentley
I missed bail cause of you, nigga, went to jail cause of you
Trialed niggas in my cell cause of you
I squeeze shells cause of you, I wouldn't tell cause of you
Even probably brought my ticket down to hell cause of you
Damn, look, see, I'm knowin' that I'm 'posed to shake
But anytime I leave you, I'm feelin' my heart ache
Hope you feelin' my vibe, holmes
Nah, not a chick, I mean the shit that you drive, holmes

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
You did me wrong, you put me down
Made me feel low when you're around
And you broke my heart, you broke my heart
My chips went down, it was you I needed
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But I was not down, baby, barely breathin'
And you broke my heart
You broke my heart

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Livin' a double life, havin' double shots of Patrón
With my mistress 'stead of my wife, I was on
Like the switch in my Marriott, can we get married, Dot?'
I fucked her three times, then I was gone, apparently not
Story of the 80–20 rule is me
Movin' cautiously, parked in the park with my back seat
Way back, her perfume on my white tee
Ignorin' calls from my wifey
See, I was dead wrong, but was tryin' to get a nut
And she had some great dome
Like the New Orleans Saints when they're playin' at home
What's a nigga to think? Oh, just throw away some pussy
Then my conscious called me, 'Pussy'
You don't understand, mama had ass
And I'm quite a butt man, I love my wife, but, man...
I never thought of the day I would quit
Till I opened the door, seen a nigga fuckin' my bitch

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]

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