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Kendrick Lamar - 3 Minutes of Watts lyrics

[Hook: Jay Rock]
We boys in the hood
Pocket full of dubs
Homies outta line
Clip full of slugs
Baby here's my number
If you tryna f**, baby do your thang
Shake shake it up
Sick of watts you claim, Come and give it up
Baby I'm a player, Go and hit me up
Baby do your thang
Shake shake it up, shake shake it up, shake shake it up

[Verse 1: Kendrick Lamar]
You should already know what I came for
Once the neon light hit the top dog logo
See my, chain hang out
See my, wrists hang out
See my, homies hang out
They, gang bang out
West coast my state, left coast my state, you state myspace, internet gangster
You know my name baby girl no stranger
Blue Bell jeans on low cut taper
No I can't save ya
Name that captain
[?] when I'm in the Aston, Martin
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So awkward when I park it
Rev up your engines, sound like it farting
I'm in the club sitting with some foreign
She don't speak English words sound retarded
We go hard in that project apartment
Five minutes in Watts, get it started

[Hook: Jay Rock]

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Sit back relax I'mma give you a walk through, through the city of Watts, through the city of God
Where them b**hes shaking that a**, deuce deuce in they bras
Where them n***as rocking that [?] that's hard
Where they keep the Glock in their pants, chopper's right in the car
And if you step up on the daily's you might leave with a scar
If your gang tight might leave with a broad and like two of her friends might enjoy a ménage
And that's night life, in Watts California
Parties ain't over till like six in the morning
This Hennessey's straight, gotta n***a zoning out
Take another swig then I'm rolling out
If you ain't banging better hold your mouth
Don't claim nothing that you know you're not
So just chill, grab your b**h because life's too short
Just stick to the script

[Hook: Jay Rock]

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