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[Verse 1: KCT]
16 bars on the beat
If i had 96 then you'd take that seat
And you'd tell me that you wanna here me spit
Id tell you that i wanna hear you speak
And you'd love that, not in that way
Well at least thats what u'd say
But then at night id have to contemplate the risk id have to take
Cause i wanna tell you i like you
But we know i know you know
But maybe if i explain to you we can start to take it slow
And you say no but you mean yes
I know i know i know
Messaging in the late nights thinking god the wait is cold
You text me, and i text back
Then you pressed play and you liked that
So you tell me imma make it
Then u take a break and your right back
And I'm right back where i wanna be
Up inside of your convos
Dreams of money in music
Couple Maybachs and a condo and i know
Money isn't your aim
I had one girl on the side
Till she witnessed what i made
Then she started talking more
Tried upgrade to being a main
But i kept her a** as a side dish
I know their little games, you ain't the same
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We both know that i know that
If i ever made you exclusive, we could be like what a throwback
And you know that, and i do
If i ride would you ride too
I mean if i died would you die too
Would you grind for me if i lye loose
Would you pick me up
Hold me down
Stich me up
Hold my crown
See people change i know i do
Im a different man when I'm in the booth
When I'm in the booth I'm concentrating
No time for no conversating
If that messages from that one girl it'd be the only thing that id do
You know when someone gets in your mind
And your waiting up in their queue
But ur managing to get by
And you know it'll never come true
Man i hate that
And you know why that i do
Cause I'm waiting up in this line
And I'm writing bars to this tune
And I'm feeling like I'm tripping to the vibe that you are giving
Cause I'm looking at your insta
Think of you like every minute
I'm not winning
If your not onto my throne
You know ill make it in the music
Don't let me make it on my own

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