Kash Doll - Work remix lyrics

verse one :
you wanna see me do me durt ?? baby bend me over i can make this p**y work u been itchy itchy huh just pull up my skirt !

verse two : i snatch ya baby daddy every time he make it squirt
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and if he ' say work work work my body my n***a ion do this sh** for every body this tongue is yo admission to this private party enough of this talking n***a lets get naughty say

verse three: i heard your stroke was righteous what you waiting for i been ready for u to bite this ... im the nices guaranteed you will never find another one thats like this

verse four : daddy gotta be worth like four point three to f** with me he gotta tripple that if he wanna be stuck with me now!! i anit saying that the n***a gotta sponsor me but damn can't a b**h wanna live comfortably cuz ya know im kinda into fashion i can turn this a** into cash who's laughing i can make my self available but who's asking because u know my time is limited im multitasking now its time to go to work!!!...

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