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Kash Doll - Upgrade you lyrics

Verse one : im yo amg to that benz homie i can put u ion to some new shit yeah i really really got the plug anit no out lite have you in that exclusive shit that anit out yet if u tryna boss ya life im ya connect

Verse two: im that bitch filthy rich call me donatella tryna tell ya it dont get no better have u smelling like they clive christian
When im done even ya walk thoughs gone smell expensive money so long its offensive my this pussy your incentive let me upgrade you babe i can make u my apprentice i put you
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On to five diffrent strains of some income rapping trapping fashion real estate for got one thats insignificant so fuck it tho im greedy change a nigga like quick don't be dumb you need me hublot ' hermes 'private villas in fiji tomford and a tesla
Nigga this is easyyyy!!!

Verse three: uhh !! uuhh im feeling generous im turning up these bitchies to when ever you see me in your city salute me im ya general not judeing cause its memorable this money talk is literal swear i kill this bitchez then bring flowers to they burial now i might rock a little christian or a cloey bag but every one who's any one no i got a chanel swag what they got i been had make these bitches big mad make sure that yo nigga get yo fries with yo big mac im just in a hotel belair me n a givenchy at the iv pull up that audi 200 on the dash bitch im fast is u slatyyyyyyy!!!!

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