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Kash Doll - Upgrade U lyrics

AMG to that Benz
Look, homie I can put you on to some new shit
Yeah, I really really got the plug
Ain't no outlet
How you in that exclusive shit that ain't out yet
If you tryna boss your life up
I'm your connect
I'm that bitch
Filthy rich
Call me Donatella
I'm the shit tryna tell you it don't get no better
Have you smelling like that Clive Christian
When I'm done, even your walk throughs gone smell expensive
Money so long it's offensive
Make this p***y yo incentive
Let me upgrade you baby, I can make you my apprentice
I put you on to 5 different strands of some income
Rapping, trapping, fashion
Real estate [forgot one]
That's a significant so, f**k it though, I'm greedy
Change a nigga life quick
Don't be dumb, you need me
You blowing, her mans, Prada, filas, and Fiji
Tom ford and Atesla nigga
This is easy
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I'm feeling generous
I'm turning up these bitches too
Whenever you see me hoe
Salute me, I'm your general
Not judging cause I'm liberal
This money talk is literal
Swear I kill these bitches
Then bring flowers to their burial
Now I might rock a little Christian or a Chloe bag
But everyone who's anyone know I got a Chanel swag
What they got? I been had
Make these bitches big mad
Make sure that your nigga get your fries with your Big Mac
I'm just in the hotel Belair
Ken beside me
In a givenchy black
Tiwi brunch at the Ivie
Rocky little time piece
Pull up in the Audi
200 on the dash
Bitch I'm fast
Bitch you saw me?

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