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Kali Uchis - Divine lyrics

[Hook: Kali Uchis 2x]
Something divine in you
Something wrong but there's a right
Don't take long, can't wait all night
Something strong, like a hunger
Waiting here for you to come over
Something wrong but there's a right
I can make your candles light
Something strong, take you over
Make you feel like you ain't been sober

[Verse 1: GoldLink]
Damn, I caught feelings
Damn damn, I caught feelings
She bad as f**, so appealing
God damn, baby, I'm comin'
Over, over, I told ya
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Baby baby I need that you know
That will show you for sure that I will
I swear, my baby girl with blonde hair
Put your mother f**ing hands in the air
And I don't give a f**, cause I stare
At you, you stare at me
You smile, you tease
Don't play with me
You say to me
I swear, I set the table for two
Ya, set the table for two
It's about me and you
I'm coming home to get you
And all the things that you say
Nasty boy who eat you
And you're mine, and I'm yours
Baby, baby, I need you and us

[Hook: Kali Uchis]

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