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K y d m o s - Press start / play lyrics

Intro : [Mario]
Here we go!

Chorus 2x : [k y d m o s]
Press start and you'll be gone
Jump bricks to get one-up
Start glitchin to pa** through halls
k** foes with spirit balls

Verse 1 :[k y d m o s]
Now you pressin start don't rush too much
Finna start, falling like Paul Blart
Call Mark from Clipart, to answer all your question marks
Now let's go in this golf kart
Ridin 20 miles an hour
Only source of power, is nostalgia
Me and Mario finna come up, but
He hangin too much time with Luigi
I'm over here, playin with the midi
Writin lyrics over beats
[Lyrics from: https:/]
And he? Well, he savin' Princess Peach
From a turtle beast
Ichigo on the side k**in' evil spirits, by the minute
Thumpin my head six times call me Krillin
Refreshin my thoughts with the blue Pepsi
Bumpin to Hypnotize by Biggie
So, it's just you and me
I'mma tell you all about them, and k y d
So welcome
Feel at home!
Get in your 90's zone
Let's remember, the beautiful big a** telephones
The box TV's
That I sprayed with the Sunny D
Gee', sure as hell my mom and dad were angry
But it don't matter since it was in 2003 (Haha)
So welcome
Press start
Feel at home
Let's go

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