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K y d m o s - M&m lyrics

Intro 2x : [k y d m o s]
The self conscious rapper
Heavy poet splatters
My mode, Marshall Mathers

Verse : [k y d m o s]
K y d m o s
Single player to wreck your best
Got the high score
In sega genesis
A a b b only thing I gotta press
For you non-gamers
That's a crane kick
Middle name daniel
See my name flipped
And ill keep runnin cause i ripped the off switch
Pulled out the plug and poured water on the outlet
Now you lost ya power
Gon need more help from jarvis
Carvin out a plan
Gon take years for your punches to land
Got a better chance playin pacman
Cause you good at runnin and never lookin back
Only gettin queso to forget the past
You got the claydo but can't build a fan
Plannin like imma doom plot
With my tube socks
Approvin whos hot
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Mixin pop rocks
Backstabbin fake friends make me moonwalk
Eyez on me call me 2Pac
You not
Worthy of this precense
These rappers ain't that menace as dennis
Full of wisdom and impact call the dentist
Skill ain't permanent u only rentin
Mind is asleep
Meditatin but my eyes can fully see
With my body gravitatin sleep paralysis
Light up the cannabis
This some ba sing se candle shit
Permanent and forgot that bitch
But see, this is for my enemies
I got the originality
Before I kill you I study the anatomy
Stabbin you in places youd never see
Studyin biology to duplicate myself, mitosis
Better start smokin the lotus
Cause your fame only lasted yesterday, that's showbiz
We all know it juxtapose it and see no difference
Better retire now cause you missin hits
You been playin it safe like don't wanna hurt the wrist
Slowly climbin up the ladder
Mode marshall mathers
You know it, juxtapose it and see no difference
Im just a rapper

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