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K y d m o s - Winter Schemes (freestyle) lyrics

Chazz the new rapper of this generation
Dont forget it for inspiration
Poetry in rap is easily forgotten, hard to get to the top
Underrated rapper bout to blow up
Underrated rappers ain't blowin cause they fakers im keepin it real
Ain't no money ain't no fame expressings my only deal
Work hard till you get your reward, get that cup half filled
Blessed to be living on a roof that i never pay the bill
Going for dreams that are harder to fill
New bars all day theres always a thrill
Every projects gets harder im climbin up a hill
While yall be staying on the same place, keep running that treadmill
Ain't goin places always losing faces k**in yall in a basic rhyming basis
Easily solvin murder cases till we run out of pages can't wait to be part of the hall of fame and
Famous rappers be sinking through quicksand
Looking for water in dry land
Money spend on girls and booze too hard to understand
I got that unique style and flow thats high on demand
All you got is repetitive stories and rhymes thats too bland
Stop rapping go back to that 9-5
Cause youre already losing sight
Starting to go blind
Inspiration too hard to find
Never getting that piece of mind
Too hard to find another rhyme
Instant free thinkers are always a dime
Stop hiring ghostwriters thats always a bad sign
Rappers always replaced in a blink of an eye
Working on the studio all day writtens revised
Stop looking at the time
Working hard is not a crime, working too hard while yall to lazy to even try
Cause im tired of cleaning these streets with my paintbrush
Felt like every stroke i make your dreams get crushed
Nonstop bars all day i feel like it's a must
Never be in a rush never rush lust
Cause your future will vanish to dust
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Barely cuss to prevent fuss
Never have too much pride
God will help you to know what is right
He will help you with all of his might
The only direction I can only go is up, nonstop flight
I got school and work so rapping's on the side
Follow my whole career youll be in a rough ride
Releasing feelings and poetry is my only strive
Imagine if i drop everything else, i haven't even told the story bout myself
Mixtape bout to come itll be the reason for your downfall
You haven't seen my full potential
Getting drunk, chasin girls, and smokin weed is so dumb
Keep rappin about that and it won't take you to number one
Keep rappin about that and youll only have a slow run
Keep rappin about that and your whole career is done
Keep doin what you doin but itll never numb the pain
Go ahead, follow the light pick a lane
Not sherane, build your own wall up and make a terrain
Make sure you can support it, forever saved
Good enough to stop the rain from going through
You wishin this was an interlude, k**in the mood
Receive as much as you can, never waste food
Im keepin it basic man, lyrics never misunderstood
All of my life i was surrounded by darkness and all I saw was the light, from afar
You can never have too many bars
Cause my only vision is shooting for the stars
Travel all the way to mars for success
Just doin my own thing i dont care bout your opinions i could care less
I could care less I got my own problems im already a mess
Too hard to admit, but it gives you confidence
It relieves stress
Fully confessed and finding my inner peace
Finding my inner self took a 104 weeks
Sittin on top of the roof surrounded by beautiful trees
75 degrees writing these things in my head feeling the breeze
Only been there for a month felt like a week
Go back home and the truth is the only thing you will seek

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