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K y d m o s - Dream Killer (Yonkers Remix) lyrics

Verse 1 : [ k y d m o s ]
Tossed like a fucking guinea pig
Pokin' the k y d with the stick
Measurin' heads for the rope hanging from a tree
Take it back to 1960, slavery
Remember me
While they sleep
Haunt them in the afterlife
Stabbin' them in the head with my fucking knife
REM pours out like oil mines
I'm the motherfuckin' dream killer, dream sinner
With the black ski mask
Scary thriller, MJ ain't got your back
'Bout to smoke you just to get high
Jesus told me to walk on water 'till he arrives

Verse 2: [ k y d m o s]
Feds' can never find the, suspect
Bounties on my head for 1200
Rappers' came out to play
Against the man out'ta state
Hounds can hate
Never stand up to the lion's cage
Ain't no pauses in this game
Life or death?
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Knife or bread?
Foe or friend?
I'm in it for criticism'
Not for plays
Tellin' me what to make
So I block all my acquaintances
Find music in my conscience

Verse 3: [ k y d m o s]
The fuck you want?
What you mean?
Fuck of genre do you wanna be?
Don't know stop pressurin' me
Make more beats, write more lyrics
You don't think I try?
This one-step close to suicide
One more critic I'll, sock his eye
Think you need a therapist
Music is my medicine
Don't deny bitch I'm genuine
You ain't got no plays
10 is great, fuck your traits
Cause you're only sadist
John Cena can't see me but you're racist
Judgin' looks like I smoke marijuana
All I need is one leap till I reach Okaga

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