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K Theory - Turn It lyrics

[Verse 1: Malcolm Anthony / K Theory]

Its been a minute since we did it like this
Sick wit it e 40 from the bay to the bricks
Its amazing the gift god graced
Me with took me all around the world put gold on my wrist
Did a couple shows so these hoes on my dick
I just do it for the city Mo-Town in this bitch
If you see me in the party then you know I'm with shits
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I'm with wizard making magic Nigga here's a couple tricks
Yall don't want no problems Problems
I done came from the bottom Bottom
And even if we at the top you can get that ass popped
K Theory OMG New song just dropped
I just do it for the nation
Fuck patience I been waiting Way to long
All of yall hatin It's so wasted
I'm Gunna be rich by the end of this song
Turn it

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