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K Theory - Time Heals Nothing lyrics

Verse 1:

One week they love me, next week they hatin'
Maybe its the name, maybe that dope music we making
It ain't come with these had to take it
Money don't grow on trees we had to make it
I swear i am the one in this world, we live in the matrix
These haters are the agents, the cycle never stops
Every week a different spot, all these groupies on my
Cuz they see we getting gwap on our way up to the top
And it'll teach your ass a lot, especially about a friendship
I couldn't tell you where my friends went, now thats a short list
Bet you when my ends get bigger, and the camera flash flicker
And they see me in the club poppin liquor, that the calls come quicker, calls come quicker, calls come quicker, calls come quicker

More money, more problems
Every week some new friends
The cycle never ends
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Time heals nothing, time heals nothing

Verse 2:

It used to be a dream now i gotta make it real
I used to show up to the airport to see just how it feel
Close my eyes and catch a flight to brazil
Then envision a crowd of fifty thousand and get the chills
Break it down, roll my weed up so i can chill
Turn the beat up I'm bout to kill, not being cocky just being real
Cannot knock me for being skilled, young motherfucka
When i get my money right can't tell me none motherfucka
Hear you hating, tell it to my gun motherfucka
See that red k you better run motherfucka
Now I'm just being real, not saying we the best I'm just telling you the deal
Since we talking deals we should be talking millions, i-i-i-i need to feed my future children
Buy a fucking building and give my mom the world
Cuz she's my favorite girl, worth more than diamonds and pearls


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