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K Theory - Who Da Neighbors (Remix) lyrics

[Hook - Juicy J Sample]
My mansion sittin on 40 acres
Who da neighbors?
Kobe Bryant from the lakers
Now thats paper

[Verse 1]
Who the fuck neighbors I really don't care
Weed so loud ima blow it in the air
Take it to the face, I really don't share
We blowing up fast, and it's really not fair
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We ain't gotta deal it's iight tho...
We Did this shit over night bro
All I need is a bad as bitch to suck my dick
And give a nigga light shows
When you see that red k you better run playa
Na I ain't really gotta gun playa
But these tracks will smash ya face
So much bass we could catch a case
If we drop another hert it'll probably hurt ya face
I should probably go to church Lord mercy me
Cuz I'm killin this shit in the First degree
Hater, now that's paper

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